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2015 Season

This prestigious award, which places Vancouver Whale Watch in the top-performing 10% of all businesses worldwide on TripAdvisor, is given to businesses that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers.

You have my warmest recommendation!

I recently went on one of your whale watching tours on October 14th and I just wanted to congratulate you all for a truly fantastic trip! Very friendly and serviceminded staff - due to that I got lost and went with a bus to the completely opposite end of Richmond, I was in telephone contact with one of your staff members along the way to Steveston Village in a taxi, who assured me that everything was going to be fine and that the boat would wait for me. Luckily I made it in time and was met by a very friendly and kind woman who helped me to check in and I was well on the way to one of the greatest experiences of my life.

And as that wasn't enough, I was offered a seat in the shuttle back to Vancouver - for free!

As a tourist in a foreigen country, this warmly and kindly welcome, I am you very grateful! With a hope, that I one day, will return to Steveston Village, I will definitely participate in another one of your tours!

The warmest recommendations
Rikke Maria Nielsen (Denmark)

“Whales guaranteed”

One of the main reasons for visiting Vancouver was the opportunity to see Orca in their natural habitat. Much research was carried out at home, and Vancouver Whale Watch was chosen, based on reviews. We booked early to ensure guaranteed seats on our chosen date. Unfortunately the bus did not pass our hotel, so a quick cab ride soon had on site and being booked in.

The whole team were great, very helpful and knowledgeable, providing suitable guidance and advice about the trip. Please be advised that the facilities on board are basic, it is colder at sea and it can be rather bumpy. If you are prepared for this, you will enjoy the trip even more. The pilot and support crew know the waters well and we were soon headed to the most likely channels for the start of our whale watch. We were rewarded with sittings of two Orca pods and hump back whales. The crew's knowledge allowed them to identify the pods and pod members, providing the guests with a thorough background on the whales sited.

It was a long day at sea,but, wow was it worth it. Arriving back on shore we were offered cake to celebrate 150 consequetive days sitings. There is a guarantee, that if you do not site whales during your trip, you can return free until you do. (Might be worth checking if this is still applicable)

Dave Hayers (Spalding, UK) on TripAdvisor
Visited September 2015, reviewed 11 October 2015

“Trip of a Lifetime”

We booked this trip in March for a July adventure. We had secured a spot for the 2:00 P.M. trip. Upon boarding the shuttle at the hotel we were denied because our trip had been "canceled". The company had been trying to reach us to confirm, but our cell phones were off due to being from the US and not wanting roaming charges. Therefore, the company assumed I guess that we were not coming. None-the-less, upon talking, pleading, yelling, etc with the office manager and owner we were found a spot on the trip. They were extremely apologetic and even payed for our round trip taxi fare to and from downtown Vancouver. They also were very friendly and made sure we had an amazing time. This was the trip of a lifetime. We saw orcas, seals, bald eagles, and salmon! The trip was 5 hours and we loved every minute. The tour guide Andy was AMAZING! She was very knowledgable and answered any question we had.

In conclusion, there was a mistake made initially with our trip. But you know, everyone makes mistakes and it's how they are handled that matters. Vancouver Whale Watch handled things like professionals and went out of there way to make this an amazing trip. Thank you so much!

Darrell L (Murfreesboro, USA) on TripAdvisor
Visited July 2015, reviewed 19 July 2015

humpback whale

Mikko came out with us 5 times in 2 weeks!!

[Thank you photo] is my thanks to everyone who work at the Vancouver Whale Watch. And yes, if it's not obvious from the picture itself, I had to do a little photo-editing magic to get the whales line up with the mountain. I want to thank all the staff for the wonderful effort they put into this each day. Thank you all, for I had a whale of a time with you!

We'll see again some day.
Now I need to get some sleep.

Mikko Ilmonen
June 2015

“Best Whale Watching company in Vancouver”

Professional staff, excellent vessels, loads of whales. Vancouver Whale Watch is more than just your ordinary whale watching company.

It's educational - each trip offers something new to learn from the exciting world of marine mammals. On the ship you can find several books about marine life and whales if you're interested in reading more about them. The onboard guide is also happy to tell more about a subject, just ask them anytime.

Unlike some companies who are all about the money and stick exactly to their three-hour durations, VWW offers a flexible time layout where, if there are more whales to see, the trip takes longer. One of my trips took almost seven hours as we ran into several transient orcas when heading back to the docks.

The staff is awesome and experienced, and they're always available for questions and comments. The guide will track the ship's movement on the map and list down all the sighted whales and their types and, when identifiable, their IDs and names too.

I loved the trips and would love to come again, hope you'll love yours too!

ilmikko [Mikko Ilmonen] on TripAdvisor
Visited June 2015, reviewed 17 June 2015


We had the most amazing time. The naturalist was fantastic with all the information she gave us about the orca pod we were lucky enough to see. The orcas were truly amazing to see them swimming free and we took some super photos.

Devonrosey on TripAdvisor
Visited May 2015, reviewed 17 June 2015

“A great day out”

Summary: Everything about our trip exceeded our aspirations, and gave us 'a day of a lifetime' experience.

I used the company's web site to make a reservation request, including pick-up by shuttle from a point I felt confident I could find in an unfamiliar city. The detailed response offered a much closer pick-up point based on our hotel location, saving us 'seniors' a lot of unnecessary walking! The forethought was appreciated. The shuttle driver turned out to be amiable, knowledgeable, efficient and punctual. A good start then........

The ride in the high speed Zodiac boat was great fun, and, to be honest, would have left me happy even if no wildlife had shown itself at all. However, we were to be blessed, with entertainment by sea lions trying to share a very overcrowded buoy, a bald eagle guarding its harbour side nest, and LOTS of Orcas, who kindly included 'breaching' amongst their activities for our delight.

Being lucky enough to be on the 'correct side' when something could be seen was not really an issue, as the boat captain did a good job in manoeuvring; correctly positioning his craft to anticipate the path of Orcas, or turning the boat completely around to share photo opportunities.

Our expert guide really knew his stuff, and kept us fed with interesting information throughout. This was a real education. (E.g. I now know the difference in the habits and diet between 'resident' and 'transient' Orcas. Hope it comes up as a quiz question at some stage!).

The boat trip itself, on a beautiful, sunny day, lasted around four and half hours, which added to the shuttle ride, effectively amounted to a full day out. We thought that this represented really good 'bang for buck' value.

Scrubbly (Penzance, UK) on TripAdvisor
Visited June 2015, reviewed 12 June 2015

“Unbelievable and oh-so-perfect”

We took this "tour" on May 31st in perfect conditions. Bald eagle, sea lions and enough Orcas to satisfy ANYONE. Tons of whale activity, up close and personal. The big guy, the Mommas and babies were all pointed out to us as well as some stories, their names and additional interesting information on this pod. As stated in previous reviews, the boat was maneuvered so that all passengers were able to comfortably view from both upstairs and downstairs in the seats. There were warm jackets for our use, waters available, a snack, a bathroom...I can't imagine a more accommodating company. I even called a few times from California and they were always so friendly and eager to please.

This was, by far, the highlight of our Vancouver visit.

Jackie A (Anaheim Hills, California) on TripAdvisor
Visited May 2015, reviewed 8 June 2015

2014 Season

This prestigious award, which places Vancouver Whale Watch in the top-performing 10% of all businesses worldwide on TripAdvisor, is given to businesses that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers.

“WOW, WOW, and WOW”

Such a great trip on fantastic boats and great guides. The trip itself to find the whales was a brilliant part of the day, thrilling and fast with the guide explaining all about the area and the wildlife, The captain took us safely to areas where we could see other wildlife on the way. I touch by radio to other boats the captain found out where the best place was to see the whales, and we were not disappointed. There are three resident pods in the area, but they move around as they are wild. when sighted the boats are brought to a safe distance so as not to disturb them, but inquisitively they come to you. the day we visited we were super lucky as they had joined together into one super pod. Wow oh Wow. a day to remember forever.

Christopher C (Selby, UK) on TripAdvisor
Visited September 2014, reviewed 14 June 2015

“A whale of a trip!”

On a last minute trip to Vancouver seeing whales was our main priority. Weather was projected to be a bit sketchy while we were there a Tuesday-Saturday. So we decided to book our trip upon arrival. Boy were we glad we did! Locals and our hotel highly encouraged us toward this company. We were staying downtown and had a quick walk to the shuttle pickup. We were the second of 4 stops. Our driver and I am sorry I can not remember his name started, our trip out perfectly. Kind and so knowledgeable about so much between our downtown pickup and the quick drive to Stevenson Island. (25 mins). Lots of history and pointing out places of importance. What fun! Our hotel suggested we take coffee, and a sandwich with us to eat later on the boat. Glad we did. Just grabbed a couple of subways which was open near our pick up point at the main port. We wore layers of clothes and tennis shoes. It was a partially sunny day. The boarding was efficient and the office staff kind and helpful. We loaded up with about 40 people. Our crew were Joan and cap'n Jim. So nice and knowledgeable. It was lucky day, First up sea lions (3 kinds), birds, dolphins and a pod of 7 whales. Total of 3 pods or 29 whales seen, We spent two hours circling and traveling with the whales. The captain stopped and let us just take in the scenery. Our boat was a form of a zodiac but large and had an upper viewing deck. With.. Yes a clean potty on board!!! We had windows we could raise and lower on the bottom level. Bottled water and granola bars were available for free. . We did not need storm suits but they were there if someone insisted. The crew was very knowledgeable and professional. I promise I felt like the other boats were following us as we seemed to be the smart group of tourists..always on the pods before others. A very comfortable and once of a lifetime trip. (I heard several scared of water passengers make the comment..that it was great And they were ready to go again). Kudos to this group. It's was a special day. We left at 9:30 to meet shuttle, boat left at 11 and were back on land by 3:30. Hotel by 4:30. Some time to walk around this adorable city. Some shopping and coffee available at cute cafés. Highly recommend this group. You won't be disappointed. Have fun and take cameras, video cameras etc. But do me a favor.. Just take in the scenery and the awesomeness of what you are about to see.

bobkatky (Kentucky) on TripAdvisor
Visited September 2014, reviewed 11 October 2014

“Perfection - whales not wails”

This is one of the most beautiful and memorable things I've done in Vancouver over the last year. I saw four humpback whales, about 45 orcas, a dolphin and innumerable sea-lions, seals and bald eagles. Travelling across the expanse of sea was equally breathtaking, on a boat that was just the right size (intimate but no dingy) with an enclosed front and an open back section where you could appreciate the wind and the spray of the waves. The guide was knowledgeable and friendly, and the skipper was skilled and deft. Thanks Vancouver Whale Watch, I loved every minute of this trip!

Jade S on TripAdvisor
Visited October 2014, reviewed 7 October 2014

“Amazing trip with friendly staff”

Whilst in Canada one of my must do trips was to go whale watching. As we were based in Whistler it meant we had to find a tour that would fit with our bus timetable. After researching we found that Vancouver Whale Watch was the tour for us, as it had shuttle from Downtown Vancouver to Steveston.

The shuttle driver was great and so were the office staff who were very helpful. We donned our waterproof clothes on and went to the boat.

It was an amazing experience after seeing the sea lions on the harbour walls we then headed out into the water. We were lucky as the orcas weren't too far away and we were lucky enough to see the whales breach, forage and tail splash. We saw a couple of pods those some mums with calves and also some males. It was fantastic to actually see these wonderful animals in the wild and in their rightful place.

The staff on board the boat were very knowledgeable and friendly and the commentary throughout the tour was informative. The boat was well equipped there were a few bumps along the way but not too many.

Once the tour was done we had a bit of time to look at the town of Steveston before boarding the shuttle to Vancouver.

A great experience and would recommend this to all ages.

Bognor Regis (UK) on TripAdvisor
Visited September 2014, reviewed 7 October 2014

“Great Experience”

I've never gone whale watching before so I wasn't prepared. The staff was friendly enough to provide us with jackets as It was raining hard on the day I went. I was a bit skeptical if we would see of the whales because of the weather. As the boat got further into the ocean we started seeing sea lions and otters. We also saw humpback whales and orcas near the end of our trip. It was a good experience and I would definitely recommend it.

Maxine Y (Vancouver, BC) on TripAdvisor
Visited September 2014, reviewed 2 October 2014

“Great trip with a great crew”

We made a last minute decision to do a whale watch tour and called around to quite a few places, most of which were booked. We found some openings with Vancouver Whale Watch. We were hesitant since they use open zodiac boats and I thought the ride would be rough and wet. Well I was very wrong.... Very smooth ride and did not get sprayed at all. We made a couple of stops on the way out to see seals and porpoises and even a fishing boat pulling in their catch. As for the whales, we had to go a little further out into US waters to see them which prevented us from getting too close. Was very happy with what we saw, but then a few came right up to and under the boat making for an incredible sight. Captain was great and out guide was awesome!

jknotop on TripAdvisor
Visited September 2014, reviewed 2 October 2014

“Awesome experience, time well spent!”

My Fiancé and I were in Vancouver on holiday recently and saw some ads while we were checking out Granville Island. We made the reservation and they had different pick up points around the city which was very convenient. The driver was very entertaining and gave us a history lesson that didn't bore us to death!

The weather was pretty decent almost the whole day but the rain gear keeps you warm and dry. Don't be silly like I was and figure that sandals would be enough! My feet were freezing at one point but that was my own fault.

Pack a lunch because we had to travel quite far to find the whales, but it wasn't in vain. J and K pods showed up and we got some great pictures and videos.

Fantastic way to spend the day on the phenomenal West Coast of Beautiful British Columbia.

I wish more companies were like this. Can recommend this tour to anyone.

Duff383 (Shenyang, China) on TripAdvisor
Reviewed 29 September 2014

“Fantastic experience”

Amazing experience ...saw 44 Orca from J and K pod on our first trip and about 10 J pod on our second trip (including J2 Granny!). Cedric and the team are professional, knowledgeable, all very well run.

Thank you...bucket list complete

HunterReach (Bucks, England) on TripAdvisor
Visited September 2014, reviewed 28 September 2014

“Fantastic whale watching experience”

A really amazing afternoon (30th Aug) watching Orcas on a beautiful day. We spent a good hour and a half watching a large number of whales with the guides showing their knowledge of these animals, making the experience even more enjoyable, I particularly wanted to post a review as we had previously been out with Vancouver Whale Watch some 7 years before (we live in the UK). On that occasion the resident orcas were too far away and no no other whales were found. I contacted the company about their guarantee. They were only too pleased to honour this, and the 4 of us were taken on this occasion without cost - thank you.

Ray P on TripAdvisor
Visited August 2014, reviewed 17 September 2014

“Great Whale Watching experience”

With so many whales sighted this year we decided to do a local experience and chose Vancouver Whale Watching. Great company, Fantastic Zodiacs. Lots of wildlife spotted and so many orcas in the area. It is a long trip 3 to 5 hours so be prepared but the day was beautiful and the sights are amazing.

ourteraka (Vancouver, BC) on TripAdvisor
Visited September 2014, Reviewed 16 September 2014

“Amazing day with Vancouver Whale Watch”

We participated in the Vancouver Whale Watch tour last Saturday. We were most impressed with the organization and, in particular, the Office Manager, Tammy. She even called me promptly after I left a message on their website. I asked Tammy if we could participate for free as we were on the same tour 8 years ago and, at that time, we didn't see any whales. I thought this was unlikely as it was so long ago. On our tour day, Tammy told us that their records showed, we, indeed, had a credit and they would honor that. We were pleasantly surprised and we were treated so nicely.

Our guide Carl was also amazing. He explained the importance of the salt content in the different waters, pointed out fishing boats catching salmon, was always there if we had questions about the south gulf islands and was very approachable during the whole trip. He could identify all the Orca whales and could tell us how old they were. He showed us how he recognizes the whales because they are well documented and researched. Carl is a great guy, polite and comfortable to be around.

We were all fascinated with the round trip and arrived back at the Steveston dock completely satisfied. Our skipper Brian, navigated our boat safely throughout the beautiful mainland and gulf islands scenery and was careful to avoid any big waves.

We were all fascinated with the round trip and arrived back at the Steveston dock completely satisfied. Our skipper Brian, navigated our boat safely throughout the beautiful mainland and gulf islands scenery and was careful to avoid any big waves.

It was an amazing adventure and we all would highly recommend Vancouver Whale Watch. We can tell you, you are in good hands with this company!

Suzanne G (North Vancouver, BC) on TripAdvisor
Visited September 2014, reviewed 11 September 2014

“Vancouver whale watch”

The knowledgeable staff was amazing! I learned so much about not only killer whales but also about the many islands, history etc - it was all so interesting and at the same time way too fun! The team has allot of experience and know how to find the best sightings while at the same time completely respecting the Whales. They truly share their love of these mammals! It was an amazing experience!

Gbohmer (Richmond, BC) on TripAdvisor
Visited May 2014, reviewed 2 September 2014

“fun day on the ocean with the whales”

We recently did this excursion with my sister's family (6 of us total) and had a marvelous time! We booked the tour the day before without any problem. At first we were disappointed that they had no more room on the larger boat that has a viewing deck up top but as it turned out I think we had a better time in the end. The office staff were very friendly and instructed us where we could park for free, a short walk from their location. We had time to explore some of the local stores before heading back to pick up our water resistant jackets and getting down to the dock. We were the last ones to board and since the seats up front were limited asked if we could stay at the back of the boat. Our guide Karl said we were welcome to join him in his "office". I must say it felt like we were on a private excursion! We had the back all to ourselves and could go from side to side with ease which came in handy once we located the whales. Another plus is Karl could show us on the map exactly where we were going and chatted with us about B.C., the wildlife and interesting things about the whales which the people up front didn't get the opportunity to hear. Since we were on the afternoon trip we were able to find the whales quickly and spent a large portion of our tour observing these beautiful orcas in the wild. Didn't get to see any breaching this time around but did see some "spy bobbing" and tail slapping going on. Our skipper "Scotty" was also a super guy and maneuvered us into some awesome viewing spots. The sight of the whales coming towards us then passing directly under the boat was thrilling ... everybody was so enthralled, you could have heard a pin drop. We definitely would recommend this whale watching company to our friends and family. Thanks for a memorable time!

cindy I (Fonthill, Ontario) on TripAdvisor
Visited August 2014, reviewed 2 September 2014


Always had a whale watching trip in mind for when we visited Vancouver and we were not disappointed with this. We booked over the phone and took a discount voucher with us. Complementary parking is a couple of blocks away, so not a problem. Bright yellow waterproofs are provided but even so, make sure you have some warm clothing with you even if it feels warm ashore. Complementary water is available onboard along with a small snack on the way back.

Whales were off San Juan Island and it took just over an hour and a half to get there....beautiful scenery and other wildlife on the way. We stayed and watched several groups of Orca killer whales for well over an hour which was fantastic. The crew were very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and explained how the family groups live.

We stopped off at a couple of smaller islands on the way back to take in seals and seabirds.

Overall an excellent half day out and would highly recommend this trip.

Steve-and-Andie (Lancaster, UK) on TripAdvisor
Visited August 2014, reviewed 31 August 2014

“Honeymoon tour”

We went to Vancouver & Alaska for our honeymoon at the end of August, we desperately wanted to see killer whales. We went to the local tourist information, they recommend this tour as the best in the area offering great value for money & guarantied sightings. The shuttle bus service turned up as promised at 7:20. The driver Trevor was a wealth of information about the area & the bus journey was very interesting. Great start to the tour. The boat tour was brilliant fantastic boat & crew. We saw harbour seals, harbour porpoise, bald eagles & most of all 2 pods of orcas :) One group we saw hunting & catching there prey! More than happy with the Trip once in a life time experience. The office staff were also brilliant & more than helpfully to us. Thank you guys! Fantastic service :)

Dan & Nikki (UK) on TripAdvisor
Visited August 2014, reviewed 30 August 2014

“Whales Galore!”

We had an amazing time with Vancouver Whale Watch. We booked the smaller 12 person Zodiac boat, and it was fantastic. The ride out to the whales was so much fun...zooming over the water, hitting some waves (the guide, Joan, told us how to "ride" the bounces) and enjoying the view. The guide and captain were in touch with other boats in the area, and took us right to where the Orcas were breaching & cavorting. Seeing these creatures in the wild was magnificent. Joan was incredibly knowledgeable, pointing out specific whale families and giving us so many interesting facts about them. We asked a lot of questions, and she had all the answers! There were many other boats around these whales, but because our boat was small we could quietly and quickly maneuver. One of the whales went right under our boat, and came up right next to us! Besides the Orcas, we also saw dolphins, seals, sea lions and bald eagles. The trip was about 5 hours and included water & granola bars. And believe it or not, there is a bathroom on board! I would highly recommend going whale watching with this company. I'll never forget the experience!

NatAtHome (Altadena, Califonia) on TripAdvisor
Visited August 2014, reviewed 28 August 2014

“A great afternoon!”

Our family of 5 did the afternoon tour in mid August and it was great. Before we even left shore, the crew knew where they would likely find whales and lucky for us it was quite quick and we spent approx. 1.5 hours interacting with the whales. We were lucky enough to see breaches, spyhops and numerous whales swimming together. Our knowledgeable guide identified many of the individual whales including "Granny", thought to be the oldest living orca. The crew (captain and guide) obviously have genuine interest and love for what they do and it enhances the experience. Boats seemed modern, safe and well-equipped.

Would highly recommend.

Jackie D (London, Canada) on TripAdvisor
Visited August 2014, reviewed 26 August 2014

“A great day out with excellent hosts”

We booked this trip in advance through Railbookers and were pleased that everything went to plan. We were picked by air conditioned coach from downtown Vancouver and taken out to the boat at Steveston. Our naturalist was Karl and our skipper was John, they gave us excellent service. We stopped off on the way to Georgia Sound to watch some seals and sea lions and then sped off to where the Orcas were feeding. Karl was able to identify some of the females and we were treated to the sight of quite a few whales.

Both on the way there and back we were able to see a few bald eagles, an extra treat.

Ian C (Lydney, UK) on TripAdvisor
Visited August 2014, reviewed 25 August 2014

“a fabulous day”

Our family group had the pleasure of spending the day with Vancouver Whale Watch earlier this summer, and what a great day it was! After we crossed the gulf, we got word that there were two pods down off of San Juan Island and we made our way south. The boat was stout and comfortable, and the naturalist very informative.

The fact that we saw three pods was quite remarkable, as we saw spyhopping, young orcas breaching and even one surfing in the wake of a freighter.

It was a fantastic day in the wonderful waters of the Gulf Islands/San Juans, and i cannot praise enough the level of service, safety, education and entertainment provided by Vancouver Whale Watch.

parkites2014 (Park City, Utah) on TripAdvisor
Visited July 2014, reviewed 25 August 2014

“Dream Trip”

One of the main reasons I visited the Vancouver area was to see Orcas in the wild. Following TA recommendations I booked a morning and afternoon trip and having enjoyed them so much I went back for a third consecutive day. The whole process from booking, organising the shuttle from downtown Vancouver to being appropriately attired in yellow waterproofs was effortless, such a professional organisation. The boats are specifically designed for the purpose and having seen other companies vessels out on the water, I would say the best available with everyone on board easily getting a great view. Each boat has a knowledgeable skipper and naturalist who give you lots of information about these magnificent creatures - I was lucky enough to have the (admittedly self proclaimed!) 'Dream Team' of Scotty and Karl - Thanks guys, you are great. We saw both J and K pods over the three days - definitely one of the highlights of my Canada holiday - Cannot recommend it highly enough

Kayyjayy (Knutsford, UK) on TripAdvisor
Visited August 2014, reviewed 24 August 2014

“Excellent Experience--”

Someone had given me two other recommendations for Whale watching (more time on the water and more expensive). Lisa @ Westin - Concierge arranged this organization. We took the morning ride and it was fantastic. There were several tour boats on the water and this company spotted the first sightings and then all others swarmed around are area. We spent a good enough time to get up close and personal with the wild life and our tour guides and captain of the boat were extremely friendly and professional....likewise the driving 'levi' who picked us up and dropped us off

Keep up the good daughter hasn't stopped talking about it.
Thank you.

JMA A on TripAdvisor
Visited August 2014, reviewed 22 August 2014

“Vancouver Whale Watch was Amazing”

The shuttle service picked my wife and I up at our hotel and on the way to the dock (about 30 minutes) gave us a little history and guide tour of the sites along the way. The boat rode was awesome and fun. We went straight to the Orca Pod traveling through the Strait of Georgia and was wonderful. The killer whales were awesome, jumping and splashing. Our guide Christine and Captain John were great keeping us close to the whales and other wildlife. Highly recommend Vancouver Whale Watch

Heath H on TripAdvisor
Reviewed 22 August 2014

Hello Vancouver Whale Watch,

I wanted to thank you for not only an incredible trip (with our guides), but some beyond-the-call-of-duty customer service from the office staff. I had left my leather jacket on the benches outside the office after our tour. Upon returning to Vancouver, I realized that it was missing, which was very distressing because it was a valuable gift. When I called the office, they notified me that it had been found, and they arranged to have it sent to Vancouver with one of the drivers later that day. The office staff and the driver were extremely helpful, communicative, and generous, and I can't thank you enough. I will also let the staff of ShoreTrips know how wonderful your staff is.

Thank you!

~ Ben Ansfield

Subject: Biggest Thank You!

I can't even begin to thank you for the greatest, well, four greatest experiences of my life!

Thanks to you I got to see killer whales (and humpback whales, and harbour porpoises)!

You are amazing people, with so much knowledge of these animals. You made sure all of us where ok, and kept us updated of the position of the whales! Always with a smile on your face. Thank you for all the laughs!

And, even though I don't want to single someone out, I did appreciate [our Wildlife Guide] giving me the info on the whales I spotted during my last trip on July 7th. Thank you for that!

And of course, Thank you for the DVD and  the 50% off my next trip if or when I ever return to Vancouver! I will hold on to that card! Who knows, I may be back next summer. This experience was too amazing not to do again!

Tomorrow I'm going home to Sweden, and I'll continue to look at the photos I took and try to identify the whales by comparing them to the photo identification site on the internet. And I will adopt a killer whale as soon as I get home!

If or when I do decide to return to Vancouver, you will be the first to know!

Again, Thank You so much!
~ Anna Kuru (Sweden)

2013 Season

This prestigious award, which places Vancouver Whale Watch in the top-performing 10% of all businesses worldwide on TripAdvisor, is given to businesses that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers.


Subject: Paradise and back

Words cannot describe the experience my girlfriend and I had with Vancouver Whale Watch on Saturday, July 13th - and we are home grown Lower Mainland gals. If you are seeking thrills and adventure then its right here in our backyard people and the Lightship 1 is the boat for you! [Our Captain] and [our Naturalist] made sure our day was full of fun and was able to secure us the 'tri-factor' finding us a Humpback within 20 minutes of us leaving the dock, Orcas AND Minke Whales. Our afternoon was a full five hours of laughter, awe inspiring scenery, breathe taking wildlife, yeehaws as we 'wave jumped' in our zodiac and numerous thumbs up egging [our Captain] on for more fun. And as cheesy as it may sound, yes they ARE the Dream Team as their dedication to making our day special resulted in my girlfriend putting a huge check mark on her bucket list. Thank you [to our Captain] and [our Naturalist]. This day is firmly locked in our memory banks forever.

~ The Crazy Gals In the Second Row From The Front
~ Dee S & Barbara Z

I was on the boat with [our Captain] and [our Naturalist] a week ago Friday [July 5] and wanted to thank you for the great experience they both provided me. It was thrilling to see the Orcas and we must have seen close to 25, one even swimming under the boat which was not intended to happen at all.

[Our Naturalist] came to everyone and shared her knowledge and enthusiasm and pointed out that we were in the midst of the L Pod family. It was great!

Also, your [Shuttle] driver, is much more than a driver. His knowledge of the history and culture of the area made the trip to and from the Westin Hotel where I was staying for the Kiwanis International Convention a real treat. He is special.

I hope to return with my wife in the near future from our home in Richmond, VA. It was ironic to travel 8 hours in the air from Richmond and be in Richmond, but that is what happened.

All the best,
John McGinty (Richmond VA)

Thank you so much for friday [Jun.21].
The group had a wonderful time!
We will see you again next year.

Many thanks,
Jackie Lanz, Project Manager - Holiday Options


I would just like to thank you for a most wonderful day today [May 11, 2013]. This was my second trip with you (I also did a trip with you last  October) and it was once again just fantastic. To see Orcas so close and three hunts was just amazing.

[Our Naturalist was] such a great conservationist and guide and so helpful and knowledgeable. [The Shuttle Driver] was also a tremendous guide and I learnt a lot on the drive.

I feel very privileged to have had two amazing trips and I am going to come back either later this year or next year.

Thank you again,
Liz goodman

Last week' Wednesday May 8 my wife and I fulfilled a life-long dream to experience the orca “up close and personal”.  We have all of you good folks at Vancouver Whale Watch to thank for the most wonderful day and experience that we ever could have imagined.  From the moment that your bus picked us up at our downtown hotel, to the office “check in” in Steveston, to the Captain and the Naturalist who put us in the middle of two traveling pods of orcas everyone provided us with a most enjoyable day.  You can never guarantee that whale watchers such as we will see orcas but you showed us that you would guarantee that you would do everything in your power to deliver the desired encounter.  When we were safely returned to the harbor and then to our hotel we were surely tired, but exhilarated beyond belief with our day on the water.  There’s never enough pictures to capture the magic of every beautiful move by these magnificent creatures, but we have attached several of our favorites.  Thank you Vancouver Whale Watch!!!

Al and Marsha McGeehan (Holland, Michigan)

Photo by Al McGeehan Photo by Al McGeehan    
Photo by Al McGeehan Photo by Al McGeehan    

2012 Season

Richmond Reel

humpback whale

"Just popping in a quick note to say a big thanks for today's whale watch experience [October 21, 2012]. Didn't manage to catch any orcas (so we'll try to be back again next time!), but all the other animal sightings were amazing. Kudos to our boat captain, and the naturalist guide ... on a job well done!

Sending in a shot of one of the humpbacks we sighted earlier this afternoon. One that I will always treasure :)

Have a great week ahead!"

Blessings, April Hui Xian Loh

"This was such a wonderful and special day [October 21, 2012]. [Our Naturalist] was fabulous and [the Captain] too. I feel very privileged to have seen three hump back whales and all of the other wonderful wildlife. The day lived up to and beyond my expectations.

I hope to be back next year."

Kind Regards, Liz

"My husband won a whale watching trip for two in April from the ForTwoPlease site and we went in August. We had a fabulous day!! Everything went very smooth and the staff and Captain were great, as well as the staff back at the shore. We saw a Sea Otter, lots of Seals, an Eagle and of course lots of Whales. We want to thank you for the great day."

Thanks again, Susan and Douglas Reid

"Thanks for the amazing trip July 13th 2012. My brother and I had an amazing time, and watching the whales, eagles, and seals was the best part of our vacation. Plenty of good memories came back home with us."

Thanks again, Bettyann and Mike Goertz

"Thank You For a Fantastic Experience

I just wanted to thank you for a most wonderful experience. Our two sons had booked the whale watching trip on 5th July for my 60th birthday present which was also our 37th wedding anniversary and my eldest son Chris had emailed you and arranged for you to present us with a bottle of champagne which was absolutely fabulous, we were both totally surprised.  You also gave us a photo card which was really good of you.  Thank you so much, we had a wonderful day, the weather was fantastic and we saw 7 orcas in total. It was a day we won't forgot for a long time and we have some good video footage as well to remind us of a special time.  Chris and his girlfriend Jen had also done your trip two years previously and were so impressed they wanted us to experience it as well. 

Thank you once again, you made us most welcome."

Sheila & Roy Thompson (UK)

"Hello all!  Just wanted to thank you for the amazing experience we had whale watching with your crew.  Our tour guide was terrific. We all had a great time. It was fantastic to see the whales in their natural habitat!"

Thanks again, Katerberg family

"This picture took on Wednesday [June 20] with your company, it's the best thing I did with my son, thank you"

John Chow

Orca Tail Slap by John Chow

"Thank you so much for a wonderful adventure!  My mother and I very much enjoyed our 4 hour boat ride with the Orcas.  The City of Vancouver and surrounding area is absolutely stunning!  I'm sure you must realize how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful city. 
I hope to return in the near future with my husband."

Teri Charpenel

"I just wanted to send you an email and thank you sooooooo much for allowing us to come on the Saturday whale watching experience. It was a fabulous experience that we talked about all week!!!!!!! Thank you so much for fitting us in!!!!"


2011 Season

2011 © Barb McTavish - Vancouver Whale Watch - Orca Super Pod sighting!

"This photo was taken on August 9, 2011 while out with the Vancouver Whale Watch crew. We had to travel quite far to get to the whales but it was sure worth it when we got there! There are three pods of whales that are often sighted off the coast here, usually on their own, but on this day we were treated to seeing all three pods together which created a Super Pod. What an awesome experience to see so many whales at one time! The whales were in their sleeping pattern so we were able to follow along with them as they dipped and crested through the Pacific. The enthusiasm of our tour guide only added to the experience! In this photo, you can see ten whales including a baby's fin showing in the front. It was a truly wonderful experience!

Best regards,"
Barb McTavish (Winnipeg, MB)


"Just wanted to let you know a photo I took on your Whale Tour last year in September just won me a trip to Antartica. I am so happy and so over the moon. I was so happy and very lucky to capture this picture.

Whale watching with you guys was the best thing I have ever
done, and your company is amazing.

[Here's] the link to the competition. CLICK HERE

Thanks again for a great experience. :-) "

Kate Orchard (Brisbane - Australia)

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Congratulations from the whole Vancouver Whale Watch™ Team!

"Now that we are home, I just want to drop you a note and let you know how much we enjoyed our day [Oct.22] with your company.  [Our Naturalist] was great and we really lucked out with the weather, especially given the time of year. I was happy to post a positive review on TripAdvisor and hope that it helps bring you more business."

Kelly Garret

"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to partake in your whale watching. We had a great day [Oct.4]. Our guide was amazing – she was full of energy and it just made it for an even better day. I am very pleased with your service and guides level of knowledge. I look forward to working with you and your wonderful company. Thank you!"

Eline Haanstra,
Ellison Travel & Tours Ltd., Group Planner

"Just a quick note from Saturdays trip [Sept.24] - Thanks so much for everything and the trip was certainly fabulous.  If we ever make it back we will certainly do it again."

Adam Crowe

"We would love to tell you how much we enjoyed our whale watching tour with you on Sept.12th. We found the crew to be very informative and professional. We would not hesitate to do this trip again. It was not just about seeing the whales the boat ride was amazing. Thank you kindly"

Ron Lawrence & Patti Cook

"Had a great day [Sept.5] rafting with your team. One of the many highlights of our 3 week trip to Canada and something I hope to repeat in the future. Great boat, great knowledgable staff, great views and lots and lots of whales. A must do."

Bill, Diane, Eilidh and Calum Brown. (Edinburgh, Scotland)

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to make it such an enjoyable day [Aug.12] for me and my family.
WE HAD THE BEST TIME! The kids loved it, as did the adults. It was such a special day and we will never forget it. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

If I bring another group to Vancouver, we will definitely contact you."

Heather Edmondson
Director, Meetings & Incentives, RPMC (Calabasas, CA)

"Thanks for everything!!!! [Aug.3]
We all had a fabulous and once in a lifetime experience!"

Nicole, Curtis, Kiera and Alexander

The Goldberry's

"I just wanted to thank your entire company for a memory of a lifetime.  We took our friends from Germany on your Express boat and had an amazing day [July 11].  SO many whales and so much activity with breaching, tail slapping, pectoral fin waving --  everything imaginable!  Our German friends thought we might get to see 1 or 2 whales the whole day, but our necks got tired from looking all around us with all the whales that [our] Captain found.  Our naturalist onboard was so engaging and informative and really made the trip fun the entire way.  Thank you for a day we won't ever forget!!!"

Dana Wilson

"We went on a trip in your Lightboat 1 on June 30,2011, and we wanted you to know that we had a wonderful time! [Our] Captain and our naturalist were outstanding. We especially appreciated [our Naturalist] helping us get reservations on the BC Ferry to Victoria for the next day. The whole trip was great - it was such an awesome experience to see these animals in the wild. We saw two breeches, and Bob was fortunate enough to catch them both with our camera! Thanks again for a memorable day. This was truly one of the highlights of our Canada trip."

Norma & Bob Glenn (The Woodlands, TX)

"My friend from England came to visit and really wanted to see whales. I booked (June 28 2011) based on great reviews and was thrilled with the results! Our naturalist was fantastic and really made the whole trip exciting. I was really impressed with how respectful and knowledgeable the captain was as well.  He knew what whales to follow that would be interesting, kept us out of the boat-scrum that was getting a bit much, and knew how the whales would surf the wake behind the ferry. My friend wanted to see "more than just a big fin" and boy did we ever! Even got some photos of jumps! I honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you so much!"


"Just wanna say that we had a blast on today's tour [June 10]. Our Naturalist/Tour Guide did a great job! She explained everything perfectly and you can really see that she loves what she is doing. She cares for the group and especially the whales! Thank you so much!!!"

Patricia Go

"I was on a whalewatch tour on Wed. June 1/11, with my sister and my aunt from Europe.  I just wanted to say what a fun and informative day we had.  Our [Naturalist] did such an incredible job of informing us about the wildlife we saw...orcas, seals, sea lions, and eagles. She was so full of energy and you could tell she clearly loves what she is doing.  Thank you again for an incredible experience!!!


Sylvia Boyd

"Hello, My family recently went on a whale watching trip May 29th (11a.m.) - celebrating our son's UBC graduation and my husband's birthday. We had an AMAZING time and saw so much! Bald eagles and their chicks in the nest, seals and plenty of whales frolicking in the water. It was an awesome experience. Our guide was top notch -- but I forgot her name!

Please tell her thank you for a very memorable day. It was the highlight of our Vancouver trip -- besides the graduation of course!
Many thanks"

Melissa Sturgis (Houston, Texas)

"Just wanted to say that our [Naturalist] made a great day [June 1st] for us and we found the Orcas! [Our Naturalist] really made our day fantastic and pointed out so many interesting sites to us all and always had a smile on her face!! She made sure every person on that boat was looked after. Thank you to the captain of the boat too!"

Susan Schreiner

"I would like to write to you and thank you for the generous offer of allowing myself and a friend to be a part of your whale watch group on Friday, April 15.  Everything was fantastic from the moment we were picked up downtown to when we were dropped off.  We got to see orcas, sea lions, seals, eagles, and dolphins. I cannot remember the woman's name that was guiding us along the day but she was also fantastic and had a great personality and it really showed that she loves her job. 

I will be recommending this whale watch tour to my staff as well as my guests!  You and your team have an amazing product and I would be delighted to share it with others.

Thanks again,

Have a great season!"

Katharine (Vancouver, BC)
Front Office Manager Blue Horizon Hotel

"THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for such an INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC day :-) :-) :-) " [Apr.11]

Bryony Dickens (England)